Player progress graphs

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Player progress graphs

Post by gfoot »

The player progress graphs for Modulo don't work properly. Mine stops at level 32, and adum's won't load at all, giving an error from the charting software.

I find the progress charts hard to understand, as well - the X axis scale isn't clear, is it measured in weeks or something like that?
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Post by adum »

for some old puzzles, we have incomplete data on history. i didn't record at the start.

the charts aren't great. i'm waiting for openflashchart2 to support time-based graphing. the x-axis is arbitrary right now.
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Post by Zahl »

I'm curious what the charts would show.
For me they neither work on Modulo nor Crossflip; haven't tried other games.

This is what I get for Crossflip when trying to view Nablabla:

Code: Select all

Open Flash Chart

JSON Parse Error [Syntax Error]
Error at character 0, line 1:

-2: undefined-1: undefined0: <br />
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Post by laz0r »

adum, have you considered Highcharts? It's a great library entirely in Javascript, free for non-commercial use, and it supports time-based charting...
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