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camel wrote:
laz0r wrote:
camel wrote:people know about matrix manipulation stuff but fail with such a primitive thing as a http_post request? serious facepalm.
Post isn't very primitive - matrix manipulation can be worked out with pencil and paper, while Post can't.
actually you should almost be able to do a http_post request via telnet only. you need it everywhere ... from benchmarking, manipulating online games, automating stuff on the web, programming apps, using rest/oauth/etc. apis, writing a webspider, writing pentest tools, debuging websites, etc. ... it is hard for me to acceppt that anyone playing "" games would not know how to do something primitive as this. i am not meaning to be rude it just sounds weird to me. it is like you are writing new software for your car's ECU not knowing how to change tires.
But it would appear that most of the challenges and games do not require primitive stuffs (proof by counterexample) - I'm just assuming that the problems of information hiding in network APIs are largely sorted out already - and, indeed, when I find myself having to use CURL or similar, I realise just why people have expended so much effort in finding ways to make them much easier to use (such as wrapping them in HttpWebRequest).
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