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Someone (nuttygraphics or a moderator) please remove the link from this topic. Is pretty much like posting the solution.
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solved it finally... this puzzle is awesome!
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I was just about to make a new topic before I found this one, so I might just ask here.

I've now found a bunch of words that differ from the original.
I have tried entering all of those separately, like some previous repliers told...
I've also tried forming small and a little bigger sentences, but none of the combinations seem to do the trick.
In what form am supposed to enter the answer, in?
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linux standard tools are your friend, simple enough with vim, vimdiff and sed. won't say more though
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dwdiff is an even better friend....

This was a pain thought, because it kind of dpends on using the right source text.
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I feel like I am close, but I everything that I've tried doesn't work, so I'll ask a simple question:

Is the answer actually in the text given, or does it have to do with the text given?
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Since I m not sure what "close" means to you I m just saying this:
You just have to compare with the original and the answer is the same for everyone.
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