[SUGGESTION] User Progress Badges

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[SUGGESTION] User Progress Badges

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No idea if this has ever been suggested, but I think it would be cool if hacker.org could expose a PHP/img element showing how many challenges that user has completed on the site.

I am drawing inspiration from another website called https://projecteuler.net/ - they are a similar coding challenge website, although they focus more on maths-intensive problems. Their site automatically generates a JPG image that is hosted by them - here's mine as an example:


My attempt at BBCode:

Although I'm not familiar with who owns hacker.org, I've been around for a while and I'd be keen on helping out to see if this feature would make sense. I user the badge from projecteuler on my personal website and I think a hacker.org badge would also look super cool (bringing back some homage to userbars back when those were in style).

If anyone could suggest if this is the best place to reach out, or if anyone knows the contacts/email of anyone running the site, gimme a shout.

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