Didactic Text 4

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Depends what you are classing as changes..... having said that, the information you need is not _only_ contained in the changes
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Fun challenge. Meticulous and systematic approach is advisable.
The only thing that I disliked were the unnecessary distracting 'unused bits'. If they were added to make it harder to solve, I'd have much preferred a tougher consistent 'scheme' instead!
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I finally found the easiest possible interpretation ... and submitted word I cannot found in google translate ... and it was correct ;)
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Really stuck in here. Got all the differences, put them into binary but my text is still scrumbled.
And what to do with the extra words? What to do with the _....._ marks.... I know why the differences are there and still can't find a clue.

Can somebody give me a good hint on this one?
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_word_ == word
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