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This idea of the challenge is really nice, but i think the realisation is very ugly.
It is inconsistent and ambiguous at some points and the +809 seems to be a mistake.

edit: solved it but still don't know why this is the right solution
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am i on the right track with characters in games?
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I have absolutely no clue. I found V.I.L.E. with Google near "Carmen Sandiego".
Do they have something in common?
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that was actually the same thing i found.
i also combined it with cipher, crypt, decript, code and decode because they are the evil ones and maybe have some sort of secret-language. but i got ne result
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Hey guys, I created this challenge. There is unfortunately some confusion on the answer itself that probably only those who have solved it will understand. I have sent an email just now to very slightly apart of the question to hopefully correct this and asked that once it be fixed the administrator post here. Regardless of the change, you will "know" with the original you are on the right track solving this challenge and it is most definitely solvable (4 so already), albeit some ambiguity.

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This challenge has been updated/changed slightly so make sure you refresh your screen. The answer is still the same and with either version the challenge is solvable. (but now less confusion I hope).

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This seems to contain a typo:


The 503 in the middle is probably supposed to be a 593.
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wow talk about annoyingly simple, it had me stumped for like a year. and ya everyone treat the 503 as 593 but you really dont "need" it
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503 is perfectly right :)
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well...kinda hard at first...got in in 5 minutes...thanks wikipedia :D
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In my solution the 503 ist also wrong…
Found out never the less.
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503 is absolutly right
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503 is not right. It could be 593 , 372....
Nice idea btw ;)
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great idea if you ask me
for everyone still needing some help a tiny hint:
try to find out what +(number) can mean even and if it doesnt makes sense first try to get a letter from it. the 2nd letter may end up wrong depending on your source
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LOL......But Who Exactly Are These Guys......Very Creative
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