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Like all our puzzles, this is designed to be solved by a computer past a certain point.

Accessing your current level
The URL for the puzzle is
The URL will accept parameters in the query part of the URL that correspond to your registered account:

Just making a normal HTTP request to the above URL with your name and password will retrieve the current puzzle. To parse this information, look for the line that says FlashVars="...". inside the quotes are params separated by ampersands. Dots represent 0. Letters represent a number of blocks, with 'a' being 1, 'b' 2, etc. The board parameter is the map. It's all one string, but you can break it up on the commas. (The first x characters make the first row, then a comma, etc.)

Submit a Solution via an HTTP GET:

To submit a solution, use the following parameter:
path=<starting x,starting y,moves>
where the moves are a list of 'D', 'R', 'U', or 'L' for down, right, up, or left.
For example, to submit a solution where your solution went {right, left, up} from one square over and two down, you would do an HTTP GET on the following URL:

Code: Select all<username>&password=<password>&path=1,2,RLU
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